Corporate Advisory Service

1. Assist business leaders to correctly implement national laws and regulations and provide legal opinions on major business decisions of enterprises;
2. Participate in the drafting and review of important rules and regulations of the enterprise;
3. Manage business contracts and participate in the negotiation and drafting of major contracts;
4. Participate in the important economic activities involving the merger, separation, bankruptcy, investment, leasing, asset transfer, bidding and company restructuring, etc., involving the interests of the enterprise, and handle relevant legal affairs;
5. Handling relevant business affairs such as industrial and commercial registration of enterprises and protection of trademarks, patents and trade secrets;
6. Accept the entrustment of the legal representative of the enterprise, and represent the litigation and non-litigation activities of the enterprise;
7. Cooperate with relevant departments of the enterprise to carry out legal publicity and education for employees;
8. Conduct legal consultation related to the production and operation of the enterprise;
9. Responsible for the selection, liaison and related work of the company's external lawyers;
10. Handle other legal matters assigned by business leaders.


8:00 - 18:00

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