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About Us

  Zhejiang Xinmu Law Firm is a comprehensive legal service organization approved by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Justice. It currently has more than 20 employees (including the number of practicing persons in Ningbo Petrochemical Economic and Technological Development Branch). The Institute is the key to fostering and supporting law firms in the “Three-Year Action Plan for the 3660” Project of the Large-scale Construction of Ningbo Law Firms under the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Justice. The Institute has been awarded the honorary title of “Excellent Law Firm” by the competent judicial bureau for many years, and has been awarded the honorary title of “Ningbo Law Firm's Comprehensive Target Evaluation and Winning Unit” for many years. In June 2018, it was awarded the honorary title of “2016-2017 Advanced Grassroots Party Organization” by the Ningbo Municipal Lawyers Industry Committee.
  Zhejiang Xinmu Law Firm adheres to the "professional, diligent, efficient, and responsible" practice philosophy, seeks professional service and stands for excellence, and strives for development with the classic case tree brand. Since its inception, it has been committed to providing commercial contract disputes, criminal complaints or defenses, construction project disputes, foreign-related contract disputes, maritime maritime disputes, traffic accidents or for all levels of party and government organs, various enterprises and institutions, and people from all walks of life. Accidents such as medical accidents, accidents such as accidents, marriage and family disputes, intellectual property disputes, property disputes, and legal services such as perennial legal advisory services, corporate mergers and acquisitions, construction qualification upgrades, asset package assessments, and other securities advisory services and bond issuance With the legal services of the capital market, through its own efforts, it has accumulated rich experience in handling cases and classic success stories, which have been well received by all circles.


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